405 Alive Issue 7 (July 1990)

405 Alive Issue Issue 7 (July 1990)
Page Title Summary/Notes
13 Camera Recognition – The C.P.S. Emitron. Detailed sketches of four early post-war E.M.I. Cameras.
15 441 Alive: New French TV Test Pattern. Description and illustration of a newly introduced French test card.
16 Music Hath Charm.
Alan Keeling
Music that accompanied the opening of various regional ITA studios in the fifties and sixties.
27 A Dual-Standard Receiver Of 1936.
Ray Herbert
Two detailed sketches of a Baird T5 receiver.
28 Those Were The Days.
Keith Hamer
Memories of BBC trade test transmissions in the 1960's.
30 441 Alive.
Ray Whitcombe
German television prior to the war.
32 Television Standards In 1943. A summary of pre-war TV standards published in a book published by McGraw-Hill in 1943.