405 Alive Issue 9 (January 1991)

405 Alive Issue Issue 9 (January 1991)
Page Title Summary/Notes
14 The End Of The Line.
David Jones
ITV's 405-line service in Wales which opened on the 14th January 1958. Includes a map of the various repeater stations throughout Wales.
19 The B.B.C. Television Symbol.
Andrew Emmerson
The “Bat's Wings” tuning signal introduced in 1953.
23 The Really Live T.V. Show.
Dicky Howett
Reminisces of live television shows.
24 Fond Memories Of Lichfield Channel 8: Membury Channel 12.
Nigel Morgan
Trade test transmissions by ATV from Ridge Hill in the sixties and seventies.
27 Independent Television Authority Central Scotland: Black Hill, Ch.10.
Frank Mitchell
Trade test transmissions from Black Hill.
31 Fernfeken im Heim. A 4-page brochure for the German Fernsehempfanger E1 pre-war television.
37 Building Your Own Vintage Television – The “Argus” Story.
Steve Ostler
Re-creating a vintage television design published in Practical Television during 1952.
42 It's The Tube That Makes The Colour …
Paul Sawtell
The BBC2 trade test colour films as supplied by organisations outside of the BBC.
43 Early Trade Test Memories.
Malcolm O'Neill
BBC and iTA test transmissions of the late 50s and early 60s.
48 Teletalk: Tuners.
Malcolm Burrell
Tuners and their habits, including “incremental”, “turret” and permeability tuners.