BVWS Bulletin Volume 11, Number 1 (June 1986)

BVWS BulletinVolume 11, Number 1 (June 1986)

Front cover:  The 1930 Adey cigar box portable.

Page Title Summary/Notes
5 Adey's Cigar-box Receiver.
Robert Hawes
A set suggested as a set for the policeman on the beat – together with a “loudspeaking helmet”.
8 Was This Hitler's Wireless.
Geffrey Dixen-Nuttall
A reciever suggested to have been liberated from Hiltler's yacht
9 The “Meatsafe” Microphone.
Jim Butterworth
An early moving coil microphone used by the B.B.C. Between 1923 and 1928.
14 History: Edison's “Effect”.
Philip Dolby-Jones
The connection between the humble light bulb and the thermionic valve, and Edison's patent of 1884.
15 The Classics No.8: The Murphy A4.
Robert Thornton
The Murphy A4 mains superhet of 1933.
19 Vintage Vision: Restoring a Pre-War Receiver.
Sid Ostler
The Marconiphone 702 mirror lid television from 1937.