BVWS Bulletin Volume 17, Number 3 (June 1992)

BVWS BulletinVolume 17, Number 3 (June 1992)

Front cover:  A broadcast from London's 2LO studio in 1922.

Page Title Summary/Notes
29 Siasconset Wireless Stations.
Captain John Lacouture
Sconset newa Bunker Hill, the site of America's first permanent wireless station that opened on August 12 1901.
33 The First Philips Set.
John W. Stokes
A technical description of the unusual Philips 2501 receiver.
35 Vintage Meters : The Low-Priced Multimeter.
Desmond Thackeray
Some of the meters available in the 1930s.
38 Receiver Techniques of the 1920's Part 2.
Pat Leggatt
Long wave tuning, plus isolating the aerial.