BVWS Bulletin Volume 18, Number 1 (February 1993)

BVWS BulletinVolume 18, Number 1 (February 1993)

Front cover:  Lauritz Melchoir broadcasting from the Marconi works at Chelmsford in July 1920.

Page Title Summary/Notes
3 Broadcasting in 1914.
Pat Leggatt
Transmissions from a Belgian station at Laeken during 1914, including Moretti spark gap and high power microphones.
5 John Brown and his S.O.E. Radios.
Pat Hawker
The career of John Brown and his important role in the wartime development of suitcase transmitter-receivers.
9 The Mystery of the “AnoDyne”.
Robert Hawes
A revolutionary but short lived high-power valve of the early 1920s.
11 A Cheap A.M./F.M. Converter.
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
Re-purposing a scrap transistor radio as a low power A.M. Transmitter.
11 The Melody Maker. Follow-up to a previous article with an earlier model from 1927.
12 Receiver Techniques of the 1920's Part 6.
Pat Leggatt
Methods for providing volume control.