BVWS Bulletin Volume 18, Number 2 (April 1993)

BVWS BulletinVolume 18, Number 2 (April 1993)

Front cover:  Sir Edward Elgar pictured in 1929 with his new Marconiphone type 39 set.
Back cover:  Souvenir menu card from the Savage House Club which entertained Marconi in 1903

Page Title Summary/Notes
16 Telecom 'Unlocks' Historic Recordings. Recovery of early recordings made on a Blattnerphone steel tape recorder.
17 An Early Portable Superhet.
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
The Rees-Mace superhet of 1929/1930.
18 Receiver Techniques of the 1920's Part 7.
Pat Leggatt
Methods used to simplify the use of receivers.
19 Airborne Television: A Spy In The Sky.
Ray Herbert
A Baird airborne T.V. System and the French Air Ministry, 1939.
23 John Brown and the S.O.E. A report of a talk given by John Brown in 1984.