BVWS Bulletin Volume 19, Number 3 (June 1994)

BVWS BulletinVolume 19, Number 3 (June 1994)

Front cover:  Cover from an early edition of The Radiogram magazine.

Page Title Summary/Notes
31 The GEC 'Fan-Heater' Radio.
Gerald Wells
Repairing a GEC model 4750 post war radio.
32 The Filadyne Detector Circuit.
Pat Leggatt
A technical description of the Filadyne circuit where the filament forms part of the signal circuit.
34 Super-Inductance And All That.
Carl Van der Meulen
Further reminisces from the Mitcham Works, including the Philips V7 receiver.
36 Airborne Wireless. Transmitters used in aircraft circa World War 1.
37 Problems Of The Early Setmakers.
Dave Adams
Some requirements placed upon early wireless manufactures by patents and the BBC.