BVWS Bulletin Volume 19, Number 4 (August 1994)

BVWS BulletinVolume 19, Number 4 (August 1994)

Front cover:  Cover from Popular Wireless & Television Times, September 1936.
Back cover:  Tribute to the late Norman Jackson who was responsible for many of the drawings published in the Bulletin.

Page Title Summary/Notes
44 Baird's Telechrome.
Ray Herbert
The telechrome tube and Baird's colour experiments.
45 Lanchester Made Radios As Well As Motor-Cars.
R. L. Thomas
Radio products of the early 1930s by a company better known for manufacturing cars.
46 Did He Or Didn't He?
Monty Ellis
Marconi's whereabouts during the Post Office trials across the Bristol Channel in May 1897.
49 Scott Taggart's Negatron Valve.
Pat Leggatt
A valve design of circa 1922 intended to exhibit negative resistance effects, primarily for use in oscillatros.
54 Letters: Filadyne Detector.
Martin Reed
Some experimental results on a Filadyne circuit.