BVWS Bulletin Volume 22, Number 4 (Winter 1997)

BVWS BulletinVolume 22, Number 4 (Winter 1997)

Front cover:  Sony TR-63
Back cover:  Inside the Sony TR-63

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Temples of Modernity
Martin Overs
A design history of John Kenneth White, Ekco cabinet designer
9 Willow Patterns
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
A 'hands-on' assessment of the Ekco RS3
14 Jolly Good Fellows
Mark Groep
A review of the Fellows Magneto Company
24 Losing our Marbles at Elgin
Jonathan Hill
The Antique Radio Club of Illonis' 16th annual Radiofest, Elgin, August 1997
26 Transoceanic 1L6 replacement... the ultimate solution
James Duckworth
Replacing 1L6 with DK92
28 Black Propaganda Part 1
Mark Kenyon
34 Aerials
Pat Leggart
35 A 'Cut and Try' Receiver
Pat Leggart