BVWS Bulletin Volume 23, Number 2 (Summer 1998)

BVWS BulletinVolume 23, Number 2 (Summer 1998)

Front cover:  Belgian ivory coloured versionof the Ekco AW87
Back cover:  Detail take from Belgian Ekco catalogue showing ivory AW87

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 A Special Order
Robert Chesters
Serge Chermayell, Ekco cabinet designer
8 A new look at Scott-Taggart
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
10 Post-war British designers: David Ogle
David Attwood, photos by Mark Groep
15 Metropolitican-Vickars Electrical Company, Trafforf Park, Manchester
David Read, photos by Mark Groep
15 One of EMI's dead ends
Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
22 Faint but Following
Pat Leggatt
Oriole Model 20, 1920's American set
24 A French wireless museul
William E Johnson
26 Fancy giving it a go?
Simon Wade
27 Wireless collecting on a budget
Phil Rosen
28 Black Propaganda part 3
Mark Kenyon