BVWS Bulletin Volume 27, Number 1 (Spring 2002)

BVWS BulletinVolume 27, Number 1 (Spring 2002)

Front cover:  'Felix' novelty crystal set
Back cover:  Rear of 'Felix' novelty crystal set

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Television is Born
David Newman
Images, Opinions and Historical Facts aeeembled and presented by David Newman
8 November Harpenden
Robert Chesters, photos by Carl Glover
10 Restoring a GEC BC4850
Jeremy Day
12 Another look at refinishing cabinets
Gary Tempest
17 Pictures from Southborough
Photos by Terry Martini
18 The "Felix" Novelty Crystal Set
Ian L Saunders
20 The Telefunken Kavalier
P J Nash
22 405 line television returns to Alexandra Palace
Terry Martini, with additional notes by John Thompson
24 An early Colour Receiver for UK transmissions
Graham Dawson
28 A rare television receiver at Pitstone Green Museum
Norman Groom
29 Delia Smith, eat your heart out
An amusing tale
30 The 'Telly Doctor'
Wym Mainwaring
34 An Invisible Eliminator
Peter Kyne
40 Decca 55: Hot Distinctive Design
John R Sully, photos by Leslie K Chatterton
41 Television comes to Scotland, March 1952
Malcolm Baird