BVWS Bulletin Volume 2, Number 1 (June 1977)

BVWS BulletinVolume 2, Number 1 (June 1977)

Front cover:  A Thermo-Electric generator used in Russia and China to power valve radio sets.

Page Title Summary/Notes
2 Further Notes on the Marconiphone V2. Details of modifications made during its production.
4 The Microphone Amplifier.
Philip Beckley
S.G.Brown microphone amplifiers.
7 Thermo-electric Generators.
A. R. Constable
Generating HT supplies using thermo-electric devices, or “The Thermoformer”.
8 Unidyne Revisited.
David Read
Approaches to dispensing with H.T. Batteries in the 1920's.
15 Electrolytic Capacitors Part 1.
P. S. C.Taylor
Reforming both wet and dry electrolytic capacitors.
16 The 2MT Transmitting Station. Britain's first public broadcasting station, February 14 1922.