BVWS Bulletin Volume 34, Number 2 (Summer 2009)

BVWS BulletinVolume 34, Number 2 (Summer 2009)

Front and back covers:  Phonola type 547, 1939

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Another look at a Vidor 'My Lady Anne' CN430 from 1955
Gary Tempest
And a little on the GEC BC4941, 1948
10 Audiojumble
Photos by Carl Glover
12 "Macrysts" and "Mostyls"
Ian L Sanders
17 The Pixytone novelty receiver revisited
Ken Brooks
19 HMV 904 five inch television and all world radio
Peter Carlton
A truely remarkable find in deepest Cornwall
24 Jeff Salmon collection, Bonhams 28th April
Photos by Carl Glover
28 Guaranteed... For Life?
Peter Merriman
29 Pictures from Harpenden
Photos by Carl Glover
32 The McMichael seven valve supersonic heterodyne receiver
L L Williams
36 Marconi's hybrid, the P60B
Peter Nash
42 GB2AF On The Air Photos by kind permission of BVWTM