BVWS Bulletin Volume 47, Number 1 (Spring 2022)

BVWS BulletinVolume 47, Number 1 (Spring 2022)

Front and back covers:  A selection of early Marconiphone valve radios and Crystal sets with matching amplifier.

Page Title Summary/Notes
5 The Curious World of Odd Ball amplifiers: The Harverson 10/14 Watt Hi-Fi Amplifier
Terry Bateman
17 The restoration of a Philips 753 motor tuned radio - Part 3, chassis and electronics
Gary Tempest
Part 1, The cabinet and Part 2, the motor tuning appeared in Bulletins Spring and Summer 2020.
26 The General Electric M-40 compact radio
Stef Niewiadomski
30 Royal Wootton Bassett, December 2021
Photos by Alex Hewitt
34 Radio Manufacturers of Leeds: Part 1
John Whitaker
36 Timing and Synchronisation in Television Broadcast Systems: Part 2
Richard Ellis
42 The Big Job
Matt Spanner
12" Philips 663A console television
53 He who hesitates...
John Costin
Pam 710