BVWS Bulletin Volume 47, Number 4 (Winter 2022)

BVWS BulletinVolume 47, Number 4 (Winter 2022)

Front and back covers:  An assortment of radios, televisions and speakers photographed for the Bulletin over the previous 6 years to celebrate the 100 years of public service broadcasting.

Page Title Summary/Notes
5 Tidying a black & chrome EKCO A22
Roger Grant
10 BECG Heritage Open Days
Jeffrey Borinsky
12 The Curious World of Oddball amplifiers: The Farrant 30-watt amplifier with tremolo
Terry Bateman
21 A tale of two cities
Chris Morris
Two Bush TR82 portable transistor radios nearly 50 years apart in design compared.
26 B.N.MacLarty and the Writtle 2MT transmitter
Jeremy Owen
First-hand explanation of the actual engineering of the transmitter at 2MT.
28 Golborne, October 2022
Photos by Greg Hewitt
31 Vintage Pye LV20 stars at Jubilee exhibition but falls sick at the end
Paul Austin
35 Biggleswade Meet, September 2022
Photos by Jeremy Owen & David Higginson
38 SAQ Grimeton and Gothenburg Radio Museum Visit
Gwyn Griffiths & Nigel Squibb
Visit to the Grimeton Radio Station in West Sweden on a day when the world's last operating Alexanderson alternator transmitter was fired up.
42 Philips 1400AF projection television
Christopher Capener
45 First of the few, the Philips G6
Graham Gosling
The Philips G6 Colour TV was one of the very first colour TVs available for the start of the UK Colour Television Service in 1967.
58 Punnetts Town, August 2022
Photos by Greg Hewitt
60 Exhibition of firsts
Courtesy of Bob Smallbone
At the recent Punnetts Town BVWS Meet we had the pleasure of Bob Smallbone running a small exhibition on some of world ‘firsts’ with some rare and wonderful items on show!
62 Polar Radio Sets, Book Review
Reviewed by Evan Murfett
Author: Ian Sanders