BVWS Bulletin Volume 8, Number 3 (December 1983)

BVWS BulletinVolume 8, Number 3 (December 1983)

Front cover:  A 1931 Philips model 930A receiver.

Page Title Summary/Notes
41 Editor's Postbag: The Marconiphone V2.
Robert Hawes
Some of the problems associated with the receiver.
44 Effects of the Reaction Ban.
Ian Higginbottom
A discussion on the ban by the Post Master General approved receivers of receivers using reaction, which when incorrectly used would cause interference.
48 The Coherer Part 2.
A. R. Constable
Includes a description of the principle of operation.
52 A Scottish Museum.
Robert Hawes
The Museum of Communication housed in the Clark Maxwell building at Edinburgh University.
60 The Classics No.3: The Philips 930A.
Robert Hawes
An unremarkable but attractive set from 1930 housed in an “Arborlite” cabinet.