405 Alive Issue 35 (Third Quarter 1997)

405 Alive Issue Issue 35 (Third Quarter 1997)
Page Title Summary/Notes
28 Behind The Camera No. 4: Derek the Blindfold Cameraman.
Dicky Howett
Derek Chason, cameraman on the program “The Golden Shot”.
36 From Paff's Scrapbook – 5. Repairing Alexandra Palace aerials.
40 Surviving 405 Alive – A Guide for Wives.
Dilys A. Taylor
The title says it all!
42 Converting The Home Into A Movie House – German Television Makes It Possible.
Wilhelm E. Schrage
Extract from Radio News, July 1935.
44 Television. Extract from Daily Mail, 14th June 1946.
57 CH Radar Transmitters: The Baird Television Connection.
Ray Herbert
The Baird high power high frequency transmitters as a prelude to the Chain Home defence radar system.
58 The Ekco TMB272 Portable Television Receiver.
Brian Renforth
Restoring the first main/battery portable television.
61 Restoring A General Electric Model 10T1 B/W Television Set.
Bill Harris
Restoring an early American receiver.
64 Teletalk: The Changing Face of Retailing.
Malcolm Burrell
A look at the changes in retailing from the fifties through to the seventies.