405 Alive Issue 4 (December 1989)

405 Alive Issue Issue 4 (December 1989)
Page Title Summary/Notes
13 BBC-2 And Those Wonderful Trade Test Colour Films.
Malcolm Batchelor
Trade test transmissions on a typical day in 1968.
15 BBC Test Card Music – Part 3.
Paul Sawtell
Covering the period from 1973 when there was a switch from half hour to one hour tape recordings.
18 Christmas On BBC TV. A selection of the special Christmas test cards from the 1980s.
24 The Story of G3CTS.
Andy Emmerson
A history of one of the few licensed private television stations, operated by the Television Society from 1953.
26 Extracts from Memoirs Of A Telecommunications Engineer.
W. J. Bray
Extracts focussing on early post-war television including a link to South Wales, balloon-supported repeater aerial and 1952 TV receiver detection van.