BVWS Bulletin Volume 20, Number 4 (August 1995)

BVWS BulletinVolume 20, Number 4 (August 1995)

Front cover:  A bakelite Philco 527 “People's Set” of 1937.
Back cover:  Detail of a Pilot U385 superhet receiver of 1937.

Page Title Summary/Notes
52 The Philco People's Set.
Carl Glover
A discussion with Gerrald Wells on the design of the People's Set, including models 444 and 333.
54 Valves: What They Do And How They Do It.
Pat Leggatt
The triode as a detector and the use of reaction.
56 Notes on Piano-Keys.
John Ounsted
Restoring AM.FM receivers with push-button tuning.
61 A Rundradiomottagningsaooarat.
Pat Leggatt
A circa 1926 receiver manufactured in Finland.
62 The Story Of Pilot Radio.
John Watkins
The products of Pilot during the 1930's and 1940's, including their sub-100$ television.
65 An Early Radiogram.
Geffrey Dixen-Nuttall
review of the a P radiogram of 1930
66 Letters: Radio Instruments.
Pat Legatt
A brief description of a receiver designed for river-side reception of the Oxford and Cambridge boat race commentary,