BVWS Bulletin Volume 32, Number 4 (Winter 2007)

BVWS BulletinVolume 32, Number 4 (Winter 2007)

Front cover:  AC Pilot Super Wasp (1929) and RCA 103 speaker (1923)
Back cover:  Cable and Electrical No 2 Crystal Set

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 Restoring an AC Pilot Super Wasp (1929) and RCA 103 speaker (1923)
Gary Tempest
11 NVCF!
Photos by Carl Clover
16 Listening to the Wireless
Phil Rosen
Childhood memories
17 The Decca Decola
Malcolm George
23 Audiojumble
Photos by Carl Glover
26 Sharpen up your reflexes
Pat Leggatt
Reflex circuits
27 Easy cabinet restoration
Colin Wood
29 Reconstruction or Reproduction: A TV22 for the 21st centuary, Part 2- Ian Liston-Smith
Ian Liston-Smith
34 The Paramount, A Battery 3 Valver
R J Grant
39 Roberts Radio at the Wireless Shows Photos from the archives of the late Geoffrey Dixon-Nuttall
44 Popov versus Marconi
Ralph Barrett
Article originally printed in the GEC Review, Volume 12 No 2, 1997
47 Ultra Tiger Restoration
Colin Wood
49 The David Read collection of magic lantern slides
52 BVWS DVD 2007
Terry Martini
53 A visit to Waves, NYC
54 Rescuing a Pye P75 radio
Graham Dawson
55 Ferranti M55
Paul Stenning
57 Making a back without breaking your own
Colin Wood
Making radio backs
59 A brief resume of British (and several overseas) finished goods and component manufacturers - part 15
Dave Hazell
As at May 2005