BVWS Bulletin Volume 33, Number 4 (Winter 2008)

BVWS BulletinVolume 33, Number 4 (Winter 2008)

Front and back covers:  Sonora Excellence 211, 1949, France

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 A History of Clarke and Smith
Terry Martini MIET
The mighty pygmy in electronics
23 NVCF!
Photos by Carl Glover
29 Restoring a Stewart Warner 950 from 1930
Gary Tempest
37 Early Pye Transistor Pocket Radios
Henry Irwin
43 John Logie Baird's last projects
Douglas Brown and Malcolm Baird
46 Big Bertha Boogies Again
Dicky Howett
A report from the deep south
47 Restoring a Dulci "Stereo Two" preamplifier and DPA10 power amplifiers
Tony Fell
49 Wootton Bassett auction
Photos by Mike Barker
50 Audiojumble!
Photos by Carl Glover
53 Crystal wireless in Wales
Ian L Sanders
57 The case of the Czech-Canadian Sony
John Panton
60 Capacitor Tester and Reformer Unit
Stefan Niewiadomski
67 Days of Wine and Radios
Martyn Bennett
Annual radio meet in Riquewhr, France
68 Thanks for the Memorabilia
Dicky Howett
Television memorabilia
69 Book Review: "Old Radio Sets" by Jonathan Hill
Reviewed by David Read