BVWS Bulletin Volume 36, Number 4 (Winter 2011)

BVWS BulletinVolume 36, Number 4 (Winter 2011)

Front and back covers:  Various Television Sets

Page Title Summary/Notes
4 A Philips 638A of 1934
Gary Tempest
12 Pre war HMV model 900 television revisited
Ken Brooks
19 Harpenden September 25th 2011
Photos by Carl Glover
22 Mini stereo/mono preamplifier
Tony Thompson
25 Significant addition to the BVWS Archives
Lorne Clark
Jonathan Hill generously gifted his "Radio! Radio!" and "The History of the BVWS" archives to the BVWS
26 The Wonder of Woonsocket
Dicky Howett
Broadcasting technology museum in Rhode Island, USA
28 NVCF!
Photographs by Lorne Clarke
30 The Emerson 868 'Miracle Wand' 4 transistor receiver
Henry Irwin
34 The Retro Single
Peter Lankshear
Radio designed for the New Zealand Vintage Radio Society one valve receiver competition
38 Murphy Day at Mill Green Museum, September 18th 2011
40 Reproduction Ekco Dials
Robert Darwent
43 Audiojumble October 9th 2011
Photos by Carl Glover
46 The EF91, not the valve that Won the War
Stef Niewiadomski
54 Photographic memories of Alexandra Palace
60 Book review: Attache Radios by Mark Johnson
Reviewed by Carl Glover
61 Listing the lid off television
Dicky Howett
62 Wireless aboard Titanic
Ralph Barnett
64 About the new BVWS DVD
Terry Martini
68 The MiniMod
Ian Liston-Smith